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Gilbert and Chittenden offer a variety of professional services, featured speaking, and long term engagements to help organizations and individuals invent their very best futures.

Design Thinking

Build creative confidence to solve problems and seize opportunities

Creativity is a skill that can be learned and practiced by all.

In these sessions, participants get hands-on experience with the world-class innovation skills of Design Thinking, a human-centered approach to innovation, and will identify specific opportunities in their own work to apply these techniques.

Envisioning the Future

Gain insight in how the rapid pace of change impacts learners and leaders.

As cultures, demographics, labor markets, and technologies evolve, what can leaders and learners do now to invent their best possible futures?

We facilitate visioning sessions, workshops, and discussions to help you reflect on and then leverage the changes that influence your organization and our world.


Develop high-level strategy and goals to thrive in an era where change is the norm.

Organizations of all sizes will thrive by crafting strategies that respond to uncertainty with creativity.

Using a highly-collaborative process to go beyond a traditional “road map”, organizations will be energized and develop plans that are scalable and measurable. Gilbert + Chittenden facilitate retreats that emphasize defining strategic purpose as a core of strategic planning.


Everyone is capable of radical imagination. Our process helps you generate ideas and insights and then turn them into action steps.  We have helped clients build internal capacity, develop long-term strategies, and re-think the services they offer. Contact us to learn more about our process can help you.



Our clients share a belief that they are learning organizations and that every person that touches the organization is a stakeholder.

They range from large companies to civic institutions; from K-12 school systems in the Midwest to Scandinavian universities; and from new local, nonprofits to decades-old religious institutions.

Nebraska Appleseed


In the time since working with Dan and Stuart, we have been more intentional about making sure our strategic planning steps outside the routine and includes activities and space for new, inspiring approaches – Rebecca Gould, Executive Director, Nebraska Appleseed

Stanford University


Dan Gilbert’s energy and enthusiasm for the design of innovative learning spaces is simply infectious. He is an incredibly talented lecturer, leader, and teacher who is unafraid to explore new approaches to learning. – Jim Ratcliffe, Research Scientist Stanford and Google

Oticon A/S


“Oticon is good at thinking up ideas, but we need help testing them out earlier in our process. This session has helped us reshape and move a few ideas forward that we were stuck on before.” – Carsten Storgaard, Senior Manager, Oticon


What we do

Gilbert + Chittenden use the principles and practices of design thinking – an empathy-centered approach to creativity –  to help organizations imagine the future they want to create and develop the necessary skills to get there.

Why it is important for our clients

Our clients know the world is changing fast – and they know that the window is open to explore the ideas that will make their people thrive.  They are conflicted by the past success and the future uncertainty of  “doing things the way we have always done them.”  Working with Gilbert + Chittenden gives our clients solutions and breakthrough thinking for best of both worlds ideas.

How we work with clients

We listen.  We challenge. We encourage. We create.

Working as individuals, as a team, and with collaborators around the world, Dan and Stuart help individuals and organizations perform at their very highest levels. We are participatory, collaborative, and confident that the ideas and solutions don’t come from our heads but come from putting together the power of subject experts (our clients) with innovative process experts (us).

Dan Gilbert

Dan Gilbert works locally and globally to design, execute, and evaluate innovative processes and activities.

Over his 20-year career, Dan has worked with leaders and learners of all ages around the world to strengthen their innovation and design skills. While he has a particular passion for higher education, he has applied this approach to global companies, non-profit organizations as well as civic institutions.

Building upon his graduate work in Learning, Design and Technology from Stanford University, Dan has taught design courses at Stanford’s Graduate School of Education, has advised the Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, and has served as the Chief Operating Officer of the Omaha Healthy Kids Alliance, a children’s environmental health organization.

Prior to his graduate studies and work at Stanford, Dan worked with schools, museums, high-tech startups in Silicon Valley and also taught ESL in the United States and Japan. Beyond work, Dan enjoys spending time with his family, running marathons and coaching his local elementary school chess team.

G + C Innovation and Insight

Stuart Chittenden

Stuart Chittenden founded the conversation consultancy, Squishtalks, in the belief that conversation helps us to live better and work well. Squishtalks has designed and delivered conversation programs for corporate and non­profit organizations, and for public and community purposes.

Stuart’s most recent community project is “a couple of 830 mile long conversations”, where he drove an RV 1,902 miles across Nebraska on side roads to small towns, encountering Nebraskan voices and exploring people and places, conversation and community. Stuart is formerly a partner at the Omaha-­based branding consultancy, David Day Associates, where he consulted on brand strategy with local and national clients and before that he was a London-based lawyer working with international legal practices.

Stuart has a Master’s level certification in Organization Learning & Development through the UK’s Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. Stuart has been a Big Brother through Big Brothers Big Sisters and served on the Omaha Public Library Board of Trustees. He is an alum of Leadership Omaha’s Class 28.


Gilbert + Chittenden helps organizations and individuals see and describe the future they want to create. Contact us today to begin envisioning possibilities…


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