Our clients share a belief that they are learning organizations and that every person that touches the organization is a stakeholder.

They range from large companies to civic institutions; from K-12 school systems in the Midwest to Scandinavian universities; and from new local, nonprofits to decades-old religious institutions.

Nebraska Appleseed


In the time since working with Dan and Stuart, we have been more intentional about making sure our strategic planning steps outside the routine and includes activities and space for new, inspiring approaches – Rebecca Gould, Executive Director, Nebraska Appleseed

Stanford University


Dan Gilbert’s energy and enthusiasm for the design of innovative learning spaces is simply infectious. He is an incredibly talented lecturer, leader, and teacher who is unafraid to explore new approaches to learning. – Jim Ratcliffe, Research Scientist Stanford and Google

Oticon A/S


“Oticon is good at thinking up ideas, but we need help testing them out earlier in our process. This session has helped us reshape and move a few ideas forward that we were stuck on before.” – Carsten Storgaard, Senior Manager, Oticon