Gilbert and Chittenden offer a variety of professional services, featured speaking, and long term engagements to help organizations and individuals invent their very best futures.

Design Thinking

Build creative confidence to solve problems and seize opportunities

Creativity is a skill that can be learned and practiced by all.

In these sessions, participants get hands-on experience with the world-class innovation skills of Design Thinking, a human-centered approach to innovation, and will identify specific opportunities in their own work to apply these techniques.

Envisioning the Future

Gain insight in how the rapid pace of change impacts learners and leaders.

As cultures, demographics, labor markets, and technologies evolve, what can leaders and learners do now to invent their best possible futures?

We facilitate visioning sessions, workshops, and discussions to help you reflect on and then leverage the changes that influence your organization and our world.


Develop high-level strategy and goals to thrive in an era where change is the norm.

Organizations of all sizes will thrive by crafting strategies that respond to uncertainty with creativity.

Using a highly-collaborative process to go beyond a traditional “road map”, organizations will be energized and develop plans that are scalable and measurable. Gilbert + Chittenden facilitate retreats that emphasize defining strategic purpose as a core of strategic planning.