Our clients are proud to share how working with Dan and Stuart helps them.

“Oticon is good at thinking up ideas, but we need help testing them out earlier in our process. This session has helped us reshape and move a few ideas forward that we were stuck on before.”

Carsten Storgaard, Senior Manager, Oticon


“In the time since working with Dan and Stuart, we have been more intentional about making sure our strategic planning steps outside the routine and includes activities and space for new, inspiring approaches. With practice, these approaches are becoming a more impactful and natural means to accomplishing our work.”

– Rebecca Gould, Executive Director, Nebraska Appleseed

Nebraska Appleseed

“My challenge is how to continuously improve a course with limited resources, time and an imperfect understanding for what exactly needs or should be changed. Your workshop inspired me to create a co-design workshop with previous students to improve the experience for future students.  To my knowledge, and thanks to you, this will be the first such effort here.”  

 Anthony Giannoumis, Computer Science Department, Oslo and Askerhus University College of Applied Sciences